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Blackberry Passionfruit Pop Tarts

Blackberry Passionfruit Pop Tarts These tasty breakfast tarts have a flaky crust that envelopes a healhty and not too sweet filling. I used two of my end of summer favorites, blackberries & passionfruit for a delightfully sweet and slightly exotic …

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Plant Based Kale And Romaine Caesar Salad

Kale & Romaine Caesar Salad This creamy cashew caesar salad dressing is even better then the original. The texture of the savory cashews mimics the crumbliness of parmesan cheese. Top with your favorite croutons and get ready for some happy …

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Cowboy Caviar

cowboy caviar We love cowboy caviar as an apetizer with chips, wrapped up in a tortilla, or served as a side. Like a good cowboy, this caviar can do it all. ingredients • 1 Can Kidney Beans (Drained) • 1 …

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Farmer’s Market Pasta

farmer’s market pasta Loaded with flavor, this pasta is best enjoyed with fresh ingredients. Easy to make, packed with veggies, and delicious, this recipe is a crowd pleaser ingredients • 2 cups of fresh tomatoes chopped • 1/2 cup sun-dried …

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It’s a date, cake

it’s a date, cake This cake is sweetened only with fruit, packed with protein, and made with easy natural ingredients. Best of all, we promise you it’s delicious! ingredients • 1.5 cups packed pitted dates • 3 eggs • 1/2 …

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Vegan Sources of Proteins

Vegan Sources of Protein When people think of foods that contain protein they probably think of something along the lines of a steak or a glass of milk. But with more people turning to vegan diets, we rounded up a …

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Is Vegan Dairy Free?

is vegan dairy free? I could feel the anxiety in my mom’s voice, “What does he eat for breakfast?” “Will he eat dairy?” “Should I buy him special milk?” It was the first time my new boyfriend was coming to visit my …

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Methods of Sustainable Living

methods of sustainable living Below are a few simple tips to help with sustainability Limit the use of plastics Today we use plastic, a material that is designed to last forever, for products that are designed to last for minutes. …

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What Is Sustainable Living?

WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE LIVING? With concerns steadily increasing about the current state and quality of our environment and the ongoing issue of climate change, many people are seeking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. But what does sustainable living actually …

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12 Sustainable Living Ideas You Can Implement Today

12 sustainable living ideas you can implement today Lorem Ipsum

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